• Sujin Park

  • INDUSTRY: consulting

    HOME: seoul, Korea

    YEAR: 2024

    MAJOR: Hotel Administration 

    Minor: information science



    This past summer, Sujin worked two jobs in the luxury goods industry, one as an intern under the Digital Sales and Marketing team at Clarins Cosmetics and another as an Educator at Lululemon. Prior to that, she worked various roles in the hospitality industry as a Marketing Research Intern at a boutique hotel and as a waitress at a local restaurant. 



    Outside of AKPsi, Sujin is a member of the Cornell Real Estate Consulting Club as an analyst under the Real Estate Sales and Marketing team. She also works as the Sales Coordinator for the Statler Hotel throughout the academic year. 



    In her free time, Sujin likes to make Spotify playlists, play the New York Times games, spend time with friends, and try new coffee shops.